Maria Manzano-Spencer
Apr 5, 2014
Best 3D/4D ultrasound around
We finally we able to obtain good pictures of our little girl and it was all thanks to Jenny. She is the most patient and kind human being I have ever met, she took her time to make sure we got the best pictures and we are so grateful for everything she did. At the end our pictures came out wonderful and we had a great experience. I definitely recommend Love at First Sight in union, NJ to anyone looking to obtain the most amazing 3D/4D photos, can't thank you enough

Terry A
Apr 4, 2014
Simply Amazing!
I really loved my experience that I had at Love at First Sight. They were friendly , kind and actually made you feel welcomed. Jenny was so sweet and took her time with us. We will be going back again!

Amanda Catizone
Apr 1, 2014
Amazing experience
Our ultrasound at love at first sight was more than I could have ever asked for. Jenny was amazing and so knowledgeable and it was obvious how much she loves what she does. We got the most amazing pictures of our baby and Jenny was determined to get the best ones possible. It was such a memorable experience.

Sandy F
Mar 31, 2014
I've been to other 4-D sonograms for previous pregnancy and this current pregnancy. I have to say this place was the best. The technician (Jenny) was super sweet and patient. I left with beautiful pictures. I am so happy I chose this Location although I didn't live nearby. Also very convenient to schedule online.

Sharon B
Mar 31, 2014
What an amazing experience!
Well what can I say. From the moment you walk thru those doors you will be receive with a smile and "Would you like anything to drink". Jenni is amazing!!!!! She was so sweet and patient with my princess who was sleeping and didn't want to moved. Seeing my little girl was the best feeling and having my family with me to support me was great! Daddy was so happy and Jenni sure made his wish special...I didn't made a mistake choosing this place. I google for the best and sure got it!

Sheila Z
Mar 31, 2014
Simply Amazing.
Went to Love at First Sight to get a gender ultrasound done and it was such a wonderful experience. The tech, Jenni, did a phenomenal job. I found out that I am having my first son after having two daughters and I am so ecstatic. My family consisted of 5 other people who were able to share this experience with me. I can't wait til I go back!

Jennifer Gabriel
Mar 31, 2014
Awesome experience !!
Wonderful staff and awesome experience !! Jenny was great and very informative !!! Loves and and deff going back again in later pregnancy for the wonderful view of our baby

Glenda Dooley
Mar 28, 2014
Best Ultra Sound Experience !
I made an appointment for Gender determination I wanted to make the appointment when my inlaws were in town but I couldnt wait that long, I stressed this to the owner and he said "No worries we can send them a link and they will be able to see and hear what you do in Real Time" I have to say this was bittersweet. Jenny was amazing she talked us through everything and what we were veiwing and was so accommodating with the 101 questions I was asking. Soon to be Mommy of a Baby Girl!

waleska burgos
Mar 25, 2014
Highly Recommend
It was such an amazing experience and the staff made it even better. The owner is very nice and accommodating. Jen, the technician, is fabulous. She is friendly, patient, and will do her best to get you great images of your baby. I would definitely recommend Love at First Sight to anyone who wants a great experience and pictures of the baby.

Suzanne M
Mar 24, 2014
Jenni was awesome! She spent over 2 hour with me and my stubborn little boy to finally get some awesome pictures!

Denise Ryan
Mar 24, 2014
3D Ultrasound Excellent!
We had the most amazing experience at Love at First Sight! Jenny was simply amazing, so patient, and explained everything to us. The room was so comfortable and everyone that works there is so friendly. I am definitely going back again. The pictures are absolutely amazing!
Hazel Siek

Mar 23, 2014
Best experience ever!!
This is my 5th child. Had 2 4D ultrasounds done previously. Love at 1st Sight was the best. The receptionist (I didn't get her name:( but she was also pregnant and is due any day now) was so friendly. Jenny was so great. She was very patient with us as my 2 other kids were there and my nephew and 2 nieces too. Had the best pics of baby #5. I would definitely recommend to anyone!!

Stephanie T

Mar 23, 2014
gender determination
I went to Love At First Sight around 16 weeks to find out my baby's gender. Jenny was super sweet and even though my baby wouldn't cooperate she wouldn't give up. She was nice enough to have me stay while she took her next client and then try again. Luckily the baby finally cooperated and she was able to determine the sex. A baby girl! She was so happy for me because she knew I was hoping for a girl. I could not recommend her more! Jenny is wonderful!


Mar 20, 2014
Really loved this place.
My experience was great. Jenny the ultrasound tech was great. She was very nice and personable. She also got great shots of my little guy. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone..

Mar 20, 2014
Great Experience!!!!
Got the best technician, she was so nice and sweet, made my little onel smile..Definitely will get back if I have another baby in the future.Good Work!!! ;)

Sibel B
Mar 20, 2014
Love this place.
I called several places when I just turned 15 weeks and wanted to learn the gender of my baby. They all told me to come on in. The reason why I chose love at first sight is because of their honesty. They told me it may be too soon to learn the sex but I could come in and if we didn't learn that day I could come in at 16 weeks. Everyone there is so sweet and friendly. I felt right at home the moment I walked through the door. I am telling all my friends about this place.

Mar 18, 2014
the BEST ever!!!
We are so happy to see our baby. We got beautiful ultrasound photos, CD and teddy bear with the heartbeat. The staff is sweet, patient and respectful! Definitely would come back again if we plan to have another baby! A lot of thanks!

Milena Vieira

Mar 16, 2014
Highly recommended!
Loved!!!!! What an amazing experience. She's awesome, we were having a hard time to make Lucca show his little face to us but she took her time to make sure we could get the best shots. Me and hubby were beyond happy !!

Mary P
Mar 15, 2014
Hands down, best ultrasound experience!
Jenny takes her time and explains exactly what your looking at. It's clear that she knows exactly what she is doing and enjoys relaying such memorable news. The care we received was kind and compassionate. She even reassured my son "no boo boos" when he was upset by the ultrasound. We went home with amazing memories, tons of photos and our son has our baby girl's heartbeat in a teddy bear! I can't immagine a better experience!

Rebecca M
Mar 14, 2014
amazing experience!
im SO glad we choose this place! the tech jenny seemed like she really enjoyed what she did. we were able to get over 100 AMAZING pictures of him on a CD that we could do whatever with and we added a teddy bear with our babys recorded heartbeat. the memories and photos we recieved were well worth it for the small price we paid. we will most certainly be going back again and i will make sure i reccomend this place to anyone who thinks about getting a 3D done.

Mar 10, 2014
Loved it!
Great staff, friendly and respectful. We got to see our baby girl and it was the best feeling in the world! We will going back again. Thank you!

Mar 10, 2014
you will never regret
it is a highlight of my still early pregnancy. its very private and intimate for sharing your happiness with your partner or even your family. enjoy

daniela Aponte
Mar 3, 2014
Great place
I recommend love at first sight to any expecting parents. The staff is great, very knowledgeable in ultra sounds, decently priced and extremely nice. I have referred a few pregnant friends there and they loved it as well! :)

Susan Ko-Velez
Mar 3, 2014
Awesome Experience!
My husband and family had a great time! The tech was very friendly and patient! Our baby was not as cooperative as we anticipated! We loved the experience so much we booked a second session!

Yakima C
Feb 28, 2014
I had a great experience at love at first sight I would suggest others to go five stars from me I was very happy.

Ashley Crichton
Feb 25, 2014
Great experience from start to finish! Will return for 3D! I can't wait for our next visit. Amazing!

Nicole V
Feb 24, 2014
Excellent experience
Just had my 1st 3d ultrasound with tech Jenny. She was very knowledgable and got great pictures. My husband and both sets of grandparents came with me and no1 can stop talking about it. Would definitely refer others here!

Jamie Viera
Feb 24, 2014
This is our first baby and we couldn't wait to see our baby boy ...jenny was very patient and quite the perfectionist ..over all the expirence got us teary eyed and was deff worth the money !

Vanessa Gonzalez

My first baby 35 weeks and it was the best money ever spent

I had no idea what I was walking into... There was a couple before myself and I was just so curious of why they sound so excited and when it was my turn I experienced it... I felt all emotions it even brought tears to my eyes because of how excited I was... It made it seem so much real... I must say reality hit a lot more... I loved that they were a couple working together they made me feel very comfortable... That I recommended Love At First Sight to others...

Janelle King
Feb 21, 2014
First Visit
My family and I had a great time at Love at First Sight. The staff was warm and welcoming. From the initial phone call to make the appointment until I left with photos of the newest member of my family I felt like I was a priority. Can't wait until my next visit!!!

Holli H
Feb 20, 2014
Perfect experience
I am so happy we came here. My husband and I brought his parents and they were all impressed. It was a great experience. Jenny was very patient and knew what to do to get the little guy to flip over so we could see his face. She was very informative and answered all of our questions. We will definitely be back soon.
Ashley Crichton
Vanessa H
Feb 19, 2014
I will do this with all of my children. A+++++
This was the most amazing experience. The staff was so nice and the building was extremely clean. Jenny is amazing at her job..she makes you and the family feel welcome and comfortable. The rooms are very big for more then 5 people to enjoy this special time . I got the 3d luxe package. 110% worth the price and honestly for the quality they should be charging more. This is a must have for first time mother's and mother's in general.

Raquel C
Feb 18, 2014
A++++++ So happy we chose to go here and recommend to everyone who wants a great experience!!
Absolutely fantastic life changing experience! The staff is friendly and the tech was wonderful! She takes her time and makes sure to explain everything! The knowledge and professionalism is just outstanding! Atmosphere is very comfortable and fun for everyone to enjoy the special moment! We will definitely be going back again to see our babygirl!!

Amanda M
Feb 17, 2014
3d/ 4d ultrasound
Such a great experience! Got to see our precious little girl! Thank you so much would recommend this to everyone!

Tanya D
Feb 17, 2014
Awesome place
We will definitely return for a second visit when were expecting the next baby. The receptionist and Jenny were so friendly and warm- it really made the experience so much better. Seeing our baby 3D was just amazing. I will recommend Love at First Sight to all my pregnant friends!

Hipatia Hernandez
Feb 16, 2014
Gender ultrasound
Seeing the baby's body formed for the first time was speechless .. The tech was friendly and answered all of my questions.. I was glad I found this place.. One of the best things I have from the baby is a recording I got from "love at first sight" it's just simply amazing!


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Announcing Live Streaming Video
Now Your Loved Ones Across The Globe Can Share The Experience With You Live With Just A Click Of The Mouse 

Start Your Baby's Photo Album Today!

Why wait until your baby is born to get great pictures and video when you can start now with 3D/4D Ultrasound?  3D Ultrasound in New Jersey has been around for over ten years and uses the same basic technology as a traditional 2D Ultrasound.  With 2D Ultrasound you can see a basic outline of the features whereas with 3D Ultrasound you can see fine details such as the baby's face.  4D Ultrasound in New Jersey is simply adding the element of motion(video) while 3D Ultrasound refers to a still picture.  You can hear your baby's heartbeat, see your baby yawn, smile, suck its thumb, etc.

What makes this 3D 4D Sonogram so special is that not only can you get great pictures and video but at Love At First Sight 3D 4D Ultrasound you can bring up to eight guests to experience the joy with you.  The older siblings can see their new baby inside Mommy and start to bond.  You won't be rushed in and out.  We give you the time that a doctor's office just can't because this is not a medical/obstetrical exam although our technologists are experienced in Obstetrical Ultrasound.  This is a photo/video session that is all about you and your baby.  We have a much larger imaging room than what you may be accustomed to at  Dr.'s office.  Our 3D Ultrasound NJ room is equipped with a special monitor for Mom so you don't have to strain to see.  We also have a large screen monitor for your guests to enjoy as they sit just a few feet away on our comfy new sofa.

Our technologist, Jenny, will take her time to make sure you are happy and get great pictures, video, and even a plush heartbeat animal if you like.  Yes, we can digitally record your baby's heartbeat and insert it into a stuffed animal of your choice.  We have over a dozen to choose from.  It is a great keepsake or a gift idea for the grandparents or siblings to be.  You can take home glossy pictures, a DVD (video) of your session, a CD loaded with all the still photos taken during your session (usually between 20-30), and the memory of an experience shared with loved ones and close friends.  Pictures can be uploaded from your home computer to email, Facebook, or YouTube.
Something New for Dads
We now carry tee-shirts, hoodies, and Scrubs that say "Daddy" on the front and "I'm the Daddy" on the back.  We also have other fun Daddy products including Mugs, Ties, and Baseball Caps which all say "Daddy" on them.  Show everyone you are proud to be the Dad.  Daddy Scrubs are perfect for wearing to the birthing room on your special day and also work as PJ's or for just hanging around the house.
Gender Determination in New Jersey
Among our most popular packages are the Gender Dertermination and the Gender Deluxe Packages.  At 16 weeks we can tell whether you are having a boy or a girl.  Some people want to try before 16 weeks.  It is a bit more challenging but we can often do that although it may take more time and we can not guarantee that we will be able to tell.  Sometimes a baby is not cooperating and will have its legs closed and it is just impossible to do a Gender Determination. If it is impossible to tell on the day of your appointment we will invite you to return on another day when we can try again.  Many 3D Ultrasound Studios claim that they can tell at 14 or 15 weeks or even earlier but the fact is that it is a technical issue and it may or may not be possible.  We wouldn't waste your time and money making silly claims just to get a customer and then disappoint them.  Our technologist Jenny is great and has years of experience working for obstetricians and in hospitals.  If anyone can accomplish the gender determination it is she.  Jenny is a graduate of Muhlenberg School of Sonography which is accredited by CAAHEP.  She graduated at the top of her class.  She specialized in Obstetrical Sonography and she loves what she does.  After working in hospitals and OB offices for over 5 years, Jenny came to Love At First Sight to perform 3D and 4D Ultrasound in an environment that is filled with joy, fun, and anxious anticipation.  She loves to show parents the various body parts and explain and answer all your questions.  If you are looking for the best Obstetrical Technologist and the best 3D Ultrasound in New Jersey, you need to see Jenny.  Please see her reviews on the right side of this page or better yet click on the reviews tab at the top of this page right under the Facebook tab.

Love At First Sight 3D 4D Ultrasound New Jeresey  is conveniently located on Morris Avenue in Union, just minutes from the Garden State Parkway, Route 22, Route 78, and the New Jersey Turnpike (I95).  Our ultrasound studio is just a half hour from Paramus and Teaneck.  It only takes 20 minutes to get to us from Nutley, Clifton, and Passaic.  Westfield, Livingston, and West Orange are just 15 minutes away.  Our office is in Ideal Professional Park with ample convenient parking available right at our front door.  There is no far away parking lot or stairs to climb.  Naturally, it is best to plan ahead but same day appointments are often available.  We are open seven days a week for your convenience.  It's time for your baby's premiere 3D/4D ultrasound at New Jersey's Love At First Sight.  Your bundle of joy will amaze you as you watch on our large screen tv.  Let us be your baby's first photographer.
Please remember that this is an Elective Ultrasound in New Jersey AKA Baby Ultrasound.  What that means is that it is not a medical exam.  If any problem is seen during your 3D Ultrasound session, we will refer you back to your physician.  We require that you fill out a form telling us your Obstetrician's name and phone number so that we can confirm that you are receiving prenatal care.  This Ultrasound session is not to be a replacement for prenatal care.  Since this is not a medical exam we can not accept insurance for your 3D Ultrasound in NJ. 

Our goal is to enhance the joy of your pregnancy by giving you and your loved ones the opportunity to see and bond with your baby in a warm and caring environment.  

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